Simultaneous replacement driving belts and timing on VW Group engines.

vwOn cars Audi A4 (B6) with the engine V6 TDI (code AKE) 2.5 liters it is recommended simultaneous replacement of V-belt and timing belt (CT1015WP1 and CT1018K1).

The automaker recommends planned replacement of timing belt and the drive belt of the fuel pump every 120 000 km. and check the status of the drive every 30 000 km. It is recommended that simultaneous replacement of V-belt and timing belt (for Conti rooms: CT1015WP1 and CT1018K1).

Serpentine ancillary drive belt has a resource of the same timing belt, so replacement is recommended to be carried out simultaneously. Steam replacement reduces the probability of failure in the future and what is important – it reduces the cost of performed work. After all, in the case of an unplanned replacement of the V-ribbed belt, you will have to remove all the components, that is, to do double duty. If you want to install the old ribbed belt, you need to indicate the direction of motion before the removing.