Chevrolet Cruz 2 liter diesel reviews

Alright guys here’s the 2014 Chevrolet Cruz 2 liter diesel. Just got it delivered to me this morning. Gonna give you a little walk around little inside of it. No prior history we get we did have 2 Volkswagen Jetta TDI eyes. Won the 2010 that we still currently have a 1 to 2012. Volkswagen 1 stand behind some warranty issues of squeaking windows on a 2012 so. That made me mad so here we go we traded in on a 2014 Chevrolet Cruz diesel. And this is the tungsten metallic. And the black interior. As you can see pretty clean pretty slick. The group did once we get the windows tinted. Monday morning But dial a few things all tell you different die with this verse is the. Jetta. The. 20 tends comfortable for me to sit in the 2012 the new body style was 2011 and newer. Not quite so comfortable for me on.

Chevrolet Cruz 2 liter diesel

Its foot 5 inches tall and. So it Leaves a lot to be desired for legroom. And head height but the crews here on the other hand. Can comfortably. Sit you in here real nice. And then Turn on the air. He’s about same as the Jetta. I do like the display a lot better they do give you a lot more. Information. As far as fuel mileage no at source stuff. Plus the Chevrolet the OnStar MyLink. Is really nice as well you can use your iPhone or smartphone. To remote start stop unlocked doors all that. And it gives you information on you check your phone. See what kinda helpful the tank is injured all live stuff like that. But you can see pretty clean lay out on the dash. But down just cool insight done now. The new Chevy Cruze diesel. I expect to see better mileage out of this they do say that it’s got better mileage than the. Then the Jetta. And I believe because.

Chevrolet Cruz 2

The Jetta at 75 mile an hour. Is. Around 2500 RPM. Where is with the Chevrolet Cruze the 6 speed versus the Jedi’s 5 speed. Puts this it right in around just under 2100 RPM at 75 mile an hour. So I expect to see better fuel mileage with this. Means that it’s got to will lower RPM since such. So I think this is going to be a good trade force honestly will never buy another Volkswagen car because of. Corporate not wanting to stand behind their 36000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Also another neat thing on the Chevrolet err on the OnStar MyLink. Is it’s got. A deal that tells you on the bottom the lifetime mile per gallon that you have been receiving what car. How accurate that is I’m not entirely sure. All know more once we start getting some. Row data but for now. There’s you look at the new 2014 crews. More info of headlights for Chevrolet Cruz 2 liter diesel read at