Chevrolet Equinox Midnight Edition

It’s 2017 Chevrolet Equinox Midnight edition. All the black stuff looks super sleek. I say that some of it but a lot has changed for the equinox this year size getting this cool new appearance package really not a lot has changed since it underwent a huge update back in 2010 what that usually means though is. People really like the car they continue to buy it the manufacturers got a lesson in keep making that car sought to show you around a little bit and we’ll see what there is love first thing on this midnight package we’ve got lots of black emblem. Grail mere caps. Sweet pain and aluminum wheels and other black emblem on the back. In this refresh. Hold your luggage. Kayaks or bite Sir. You get creative. We go inside got pioneer speakers. Power driver seat, as well as memory seats. Neither really nice leather seats here.

Chevrolet Equinox Midnight EditionFor an SUV this car really isn’t that big but it definitely gives you that raised. I’m sitting higher than if I were in a sedan. Feel when you’re sitting here in the driver seat. This pretty nice but one of the big draws to this vehicle is you have a little bit more space in here then in a sedan, but you still getting similar fuel economy usually this Carl do you over 30 mouse the gallon on the highway. This the other major drive this car it’s super versatile. You’re getting 30 miles to the gallon on the highway and you’re getting all this room look at this seats fold all the way flat in you’ve got. And very large. Nice new 2006 chevy equinox headlight assembly, also super led tail lights. Storage area back here and even with the seats flip that you still have a great amount of cargo room back here speak these back seats. It’s another point of great versatility in this vehicle.

Now I know a lot of small families who like this car base have the kids back here they’ve got tons of room for. A big stroller back here plus whatever also do N. but. This is a good seat for adults too because watch this. This backseat moves forward and backwards. But it’s all the way pushed back and you lose a little bit of cargo space in the back. But I have, And very generous amount of legroom here. Very comfortable for. Folks of any size. It’s really not a Lotta limiting factors. If the like the economics pairs a king size with good gas mileage. So it means quite a variety of It’s for Buses black look super.