Chrysler 300C saloon review.

Chrysler 300C saloonWhen. Yeah. The new Chrysler 300 C. ease of boxed improvement on the previous motto there’s a place to grow designed consumer headlights gives it a much more understated it now I see¬†how the interior defense. Well a satiny feels a lot more out moccasin head there’s a lot of soft touch plastics even some real wit I would go as far to say that it feels luxurious and there’s plenty of storage as well because this is on hand. Is more storage had to cut potus pair. And some more storage that with a little try a secret a fine on it. And law says. And also you have to post the call by big but contest which it does with flying colors.

This move storage in the door opens head as well now in terms of spank you can get things like reverse parking camera on these touch screen Hicks finds the say is the largest it costs is also scored 5 stars in the year and caps safety rating in fact this vehicle is fitted with a 65 safety systems but we will come back to that. Now to get comfortable for driving this knows of adjustment to be made in the seat and the steering wheel but thankfully I voted down that’s.

So upon pressing this stuff but send my seat to tens into the position I section. I promise that we would come back to the safety features well this guy is fitted with adaptive cruise control blind spots awareness hill start assist and ready alert braking which actually sense is a house it in the right such as a passin or call and gives you a visual and audible signals to break those combined with the noble APS in traction control that you would expect of a call like this and it gives you a lot of confidence as a passenger or driver. It’s also very relaxing to drive and that’s because it’s more sound insulation than the previous model so you better be getting the wind or road noise what makes even backside is the seats are very comfortable and the suspension coped very well with uneven waves actresses and is no real tradeoff for handling kinda.

V. 6 diesel engine impressively it doesn’t hurt to 6. 2 in 7.4 seconds and because this doesn’t 14 miles to the gallon which could be made better if it was fitted with stop start technology for example and then there’s the gearbox this 5 speed automatic transmission is quite slow which can be pretty frustrating. And you would think that with the company size I wouldn’t be complaining about space. Bob’s. I have a look at this. Well there’s real for me box if you 6 foot 2 you’d probably find a dream at the Savannah shade and then ask for the middle seat will this transmission tunnel is huge. And that could be really any sees a child. The. Yes I am going to complain about the size of the Bates now Paul fussy’s while the nifty it’s more than the more premium BMW 5 series and Audi A6 patch that’s quite hard to stomach.

But let’s not be too down on it it looks expensive it’s packed full of safety features it’s got tons of spec. And you have to admit it’s got a very strong my presence in the.